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See what IDA can do for you.


IDA can take your CNC machining projects to the next level. Whether it is a simple component or a family of complex parts we offer a solution to your manufacturing requirements.

We back our commitments with investments in top-quality equipment, a stringent maintenance program and experienced operators. Whether your material requirement is raw stock metal, billet or casting, IDA offers a precision machining solution.

Looking for a Single Source Solution? We’ve got you covered.

In both the highly competitive international markets and the ever-increasing competition in our domestic markets the ability to add value in areas others cannot is of tremendous value to the procurement process. IDA brings that value to you, your projects and your customers.

Our unique ability to provide one-stop shopping for both your precision machining and casting needs sets us apart from other CNC manufacturers. Since being acquired in 2004 by the owner of Travis Pattern & Foundry, the largest privately owned provider of aluminum castings west of the Mississippi, we’ve had the good fortune to be positioned as a single source supplier. From your concept to engineering, tooling and molding through melt to finished product our family of companies, although not exclusive, can bring cohesion and shamelessness to a complex process. Call us today and learn how IDA, Travis Pattern & Foundry and Travis Iron Works can coordinate to provide on time, quality parts for your next project.


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